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Ola El Khatib

Head of Inclusion

Languages Spoken:           English, Arabic

Education:                           Bachelor’s degree in Medical & Social Work.

Specialist:                            Head of Inclusion

Types of Physician              Full time


CDA Licensed Social Worker.


Professional Associations

  • Mrs. Ola El Khatib is a Head of Inclusion Department at Osraty for Physio & Rehab. She is a CDA Licensed Social Worker. She has 15 years of experience in inclusion field. She leads the inclusion team- manages Inclusion coordinators, therapists, learning support Assistants, LSA’s and supports staff to improve client’s progress and attainment. She also participates in developing the student’s transition and discharge plan in collaboration with School/ Nursery team, Osraty professionals and student’s family and also helps in Creating and facilitating activities in schools/ nurseries such as (Staff training, group therapy, family training).


Professional Experience

She worked for Community Development Authority (CDA), Dubai as a Family Counselor ( Licensed Social Worker), her main role was to conduct a comprehensive family assessment with an emphasis on assessing and analyzing the psychological, social and emotional status of the family of a child with disability as well the needs, priorities, concerns, resources, family dynamic, stress level, using interviewing techniques with the families and standardized and non-standardized tools. She also conducted and facilitated meetings involving families internally and externally (IEP meeting, mediation meeting, IEP review meeting, transition and discharge meetings…) making sure that family’s perspectives are conveyed and taken into consideration and family’s needs are met.  


Clinical Expertise & Services Offered

  • She has also worked as a Social and Referral Worker and hold responsibilities in identifying social needs of patients through a social assessment. Responding to the patient’s social needs, according to the scope of the project, by giving direct social support (as transport, food, legal advice,) and/or refer to other social actors, in order to actively contribute to the improvement of their quality of living. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Medical & Social Work. She has presented her thesis in Medical & Social Work titled Educational Inclusion for children with disabilities in a school in West, Beqaa in the year 2008.

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