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Nemah Nabeel Assaf

Bilingual Speech and Language Therapist 

Languages Spoken:          English, Arabic

Education:                           Bachelor in Dual major in Speech Language

Specialist:                            Bilingual Speech and Language Therapist 

Types of Physician             Full time


OPT (Oral Placement Therapist)  



Professional Associations

  • Nemah Nabeel Assaf.   BA.SLT
    A Billingual (Arabic-English) Speech and Language Therapist from Jordan; graduated from the University of Jordan in 2016; a member of the Jordanian Board of Speech Therapists and is certified and licenced by the Dubai health authority..

  • During Nemah's under and postgraduate studies, practicum and career life, she had multiple opportunities to work with kids and adults with various speech-related disorders such as oral language delays, speech delays, hearing impairment; as well as dealing with individuals with developmental conditions such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, neurological disorders, developmental delays, swallowing disorders, voice disorders and learning difficulties.


Professional Experience

A certified OPT (Oral Placement Therapist)  from TalkTools. She has clinically integrated multiple therapy approaches like applied behavioural sciences, SCERTS ©, PROMPT©, and other various methods to ensure thorough and comprehensive treatment intervention plans and therapy journeys.
ABA training by CARD (Center for Autism and Related Disorders) has also supported her integrated approach and allowed her to manage children's behaviour during day-to-day therapy sessions.
As a therapist, Nemah's primary focus is to promote the independence of individuals that will reflect an enhanced quality of life through integrating the latest and most effective therapy approaches tailored to each individual's needs. 


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