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Karim Abdelfattah ABAT

ABA Team Leader

Languages Spoken:          English, Arabic

Education:                             Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Specialist:                              Applied behavioral anal Analysis therapist

Types of Physician             Full time


​Bachelor degree of Arts in Psychology

Professional Associations


  • A.B.A therapist and special educator teacher. worked for Dubai autism center for 8 years 2006-2014.

  • Started as special educator teacher with teenager boy’s ages between 10 to 18 works in prevocational program and vocational program.

  •  Became the unit coordinator ,was responsible about I.E.P, reports and weekly plan and daily plan.

  • Moved to the early intervention, doing individual 1:1 session and also group work activities arrange for outdoor activities (horseback riding – swimming – swimming with dolphins). 

  • Shared in 8 autism awareness , responsible about (aware the people in the malls about autism and the sign of autism and collect donations).

  • Worked in  DORIS DUAN-YOUNG FOR AUTISM for 2 years responsible about I.E.P, reports and prevocational program.

  • 2017 joined Osraty Clinic for Physiotherapy and Rehab till present as senior ABA Therapist responsible about ABLLS assessment –report –IEP - BIP. 

Professional Experience

Background of study is psychology and course in A.B.A, course in PECS, and course in toilet training

Clinical Expertise & Services Offered​

  • Autism

  • Dawn Syndrome

  • Asperger Syndrome

  • Pervasive Developmental-Disorder-Not otherwise specified(PDD-NOS)

  • Traumatic brain injuries(TBI)

  • Developmental Disabilities

  • Alzheimer and Dementia

  • Problem Behaviors

  • Tantrums

  • Physical Aggression

  • Self-Injurious Behaviors

  • Noncompliance

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