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Inclusive Education

The aim of the Inclusion department  is to ensure Students of Determination develop a strong sense of belonging to
the school community, enhance their emotional resilience, and are well prepared for the next stages of
education and life. Speech and Language therapists, Physical therapists, Occupational therapists and
ABA therapists cover the therapeutic needed part for the child. The Inclusive Education Policy has the
following aims:
• To ensure that all students at Osraty have access to the registered school.
• Student engagement and participation in an education programmed within a common learning
environment with the benefit of targeted support which enables the reduction and removal of barriers
that may lead to exclusion.

• Ensure appropriate identification procedures on entry, in the early years, and in classes are
consistently applied and occur in a timely fashion.
• Use the outcome of the assessment educational need alongside other information to appropriately
identify the category and level of SEND experienced by the student.
• Ensure that students who experience SEND will be provided with appropriate level of support,

environmental accommodations and curricular modifications required to enable equitable access to educational opportunities.

Appropriate priority will be given to the development of each student’s potential, including meaningful participation in the learning process, with peers in the common learning environment.

• To ensure the identification of all students requiring SEND provision as early as possible on their entry
to school.
• Teachers provide differentiated learning opportunities for all the students within the school and
provide materials appropriate to children’s interests and abilities.
• To ensure that students fully participate in all school activities.
• To ensure that parents/guardians of students who experience special education needs are kept fully
informed of their child’s progress and attainment.
• To ensure that students of determination are involved, where practicable, in decisions affecting their
future SEND provision.
• Provide training for all staff working with students who experience Special Education Needs to enable
them to support the individual needs of students of determination effectively

Field Expert

Ola El Khatib
Head of Inclusion

Mrs. Ola El Khatib is a Head of Inclusion Department at Osraty for Physio & Rehab. She is a CDA Licensed Social Worker. She has 15 years of experience in inclusion field. She leads the inclusion team- manages Inclusion coordinators, therapists, learning support Assistants, LSA’s and supports staff to improve client’s progress and attainment. She also participates in developing the student’s transition and discharge plan in collaboration with School/ Nursery team, Osraty professionals and student’s family and also helps in Creating and facilitating activities in schools/ nurseries such as (Staff training, group therapy, family training).

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