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Joshmy Kuruvila

RBT Therapist

Languages Spoken:           English, Hindi, Urdu, Malayalam

Education:                           M.Sc. Counseling Psychology

                                              B.Sc. Psychology

Specialist:                            ABA therapist

Types of Physician             Full time


  • ​Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapist ( ABAT)



Joshmy Kuruvila is a passionate ABA therapist with a background in psychology. She holds a bachelor's degree in psychology and a post-graduation in counseling psychology. Previously, she has worked as an Assistant Psychologist and Lecturer in Psychology, gaining valuable experience and knowledge along the way.  Currently, she dedicated to make a positive impact as an ABA therapist, helping individuals reach their full potential.

 Joshmy has had a number of roles in the fields of psychology and behavior analysis over the course of her career. She spent an year working as an Assistant psychologist in India after that she worked as an ABA therapist in Sanad Village, Dubai. Professor of psychology at an Indian college. For two years throughout undergrad, she served as the coordinator for the DREAMS initiative for kids with exceptional needs.

Joshmy have keen interests in research and have completed three  researches and also presented papers on  “A study to assess Wellbeing and Self-esteem among firstborns in relation to age gap” and “A study to assess resilience and impression management among first borns in relation to age gap” in  two different psychology  National Conferences held in India.

Joshmy is a talented behavior therapist and a committed healthcare expert who is committed to offering her clients all-encompassing care. She has a strong commitment to her career and makes an effort to stay current with changes in her industry.

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