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Afeefa Latheef

RBT Therapist

Languages Spoken:           English, Hindi, Urdu, Malayalam

Education:                           B.A Applied Psychology

Specialist:                            RBT therapist

Types of Physician              Full time


​Registered behavior technician ( RBT)

Clinical Expertise 


Afeefa Latheef is a Board-certified Registered Behavior Technician (RBT ®). She has completed her bachelor’s degree in applied psychology from Amity University, Dubai in 2020. She was awarded the Baljit Shastri Award for her communal works to appreciate her best human values and dedication to contribute to the society.

With more than 3 years of experience in the field with  people of determination, special education and applied behavior analysis, Afeefa has worked with individuals on the autism spectrum, language delay, learning disorder, ADHD, Down syndrome, and Angel man syndrome (ages 18 months to 13 years). Currently working in Osraty for physio and rehabilitation.  Afeefa has worked with over 20 clients helping them gain school readiness skills in domains such as communication, academic, self-care, motor, and social skills. Afeefa has successfully provided students with ASD train on toileting, Expert in collecting data about student’s behavior through direct observation and assisting BCBA’s as directed with assessment, behavior reduction goals and skill acquisition plans.  


​Afeefa started her work in the field of determination through volunteering events at the Fazza International Athletics Championship in Dubai form 2017, continued the passion for the field with multiple internships, learning and research. Her determination to learn aid to published the research “Structuring Learning Analytics through Visual Media and Online Classrooms on Social Cognition during COVID-19 Pandemic” during the time of Covid – 19. Afeefa continues to spread awareness about autism and learn about the science of applied behavior analysis by staying up to date with research and connecting back with her community in India and UAE.

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