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About Us


Osraty For Physio and Rehab

A professional physiotherapy and rehabilitation clinic. We chose the name Osraty because we understand that your world is your family. Our special focus is not just limited to helping you heal, but also to help your family understand and deal with your condition and adapt your surrounding environment. Our team of qualified professionals are committed to fulfill your needs.

Our Vision

Our vision is to enable our clients to lead an independent life to their fullest potential. Providing aid rehabilitation and promote wellness is just one part of our treatment; we also aim to empower our clients and their families, in order for them to better understand their needs and requirements.

Our Mission

Understand your needs so that we can help you reach your fullest potential and receive the best quality of services and care.

  • Communicate effectively and consistently with the patient and the family to ensure that our approach to treatment benefits you.

  • Share our knowledge of best practices and therapies for clients and their caregivers

  • Empower a skilled and compassionate professionals to serve the needs of patients with varied needs.

Our Facilities

Osraty for Physio and Rehab is a spacious clinic, spread over 3651 square feet in Etihad Mall, Dubai.

We strongly believe that physical environment is a primary force that contributes to well-being and good health.

At our clinic you will have these dedicated spaces for a holistic treatment experience:

  • Sensory room

  • Physical therapy room

  • Observation room

  • Pediatric rehabilitation room

  • Adults rehabilitation room

  • Consultation room

We have designed 1 Observation Rooms for Training and Family Observation, for those who need to participate along with the patient. This also ensures transparency with the family.

 Our Team

Tasneem Abu Rouza
ABA Unit Manager
Meera Shah

Sakher Bani-Hamad

Medical Director | Occupational


Ola El Khatib
Head of Inclusion 
Nemah Nabeel Assaf
Speech Therapist
Loryana Ayoub
Speech  Therapist
Karim Abdelfattah
ABA Therapist
Afeefa Latheef
ABA Therapist
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