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Osraty Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Clinic
Occupational Therapy
ABA Therapy
Inclusive Education
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Speech Therapy

Osraty Clinic Dubai Physiotherapy and Rehab Center

About Us

Osraty for Physio and Rehab is proud to provide outpatient services and treatment plans for physiotherapy, rehabilitation therapy and psychological services which is for pediatrics and adults in Dubai.


Physical Therapy

Our experienced physiotherapist will diagnose your problem and develop a treatment plan that's right for you.

Applied Behavioral Analysis

One on One training with a certified (ABA) therapists will help your child grow stronger with both personal and social skills no matter the conditions. 

Occupational Therapy

With Occupational Therapy our skilled therapist can help you or your loved one improve your overall quality of life.


​The Psychology Department at Osraty for Physio & Rehab is dedicated to providing comprehensive as well as personalized care to individuals and families in our community. We also have the best psychologist in Dubai. 

Speech Language Therapy

With specialized one on one therapy with a trained speech therapist, we can help improve speech from Pediatrics to Adults 

Inclusive Education

Student engagement and participation in an education programmed within a common learning environment with the benefit of targeted support which enables the reduction and removal of barriers
that may lead to exclusion.


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Hazem Fawzi
Managing Director 
Sakher Bani-Hamad.jpg
Sakher Bani-Hamad
Medical Director 
Ola El Khatib
Head of Inclusion
Tasneem Abu Rouza

ABA Unit- Manager
Javaria Zahra Passport size photo.jpg
Javaria Zahra
Head of Psychology
download (7).png
Karim Abdelfattah
Senior ABA Therapist 
Meera Shah
Senior Physio therapist
DSC_0657 (2).jpg
Serin Redjemi
Speech & Language Therapist

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Taking care of your health

Health Plans
We Accept

We understand how much medical bills can be these days.  Don't let the price tag scare you from getting the help and recovery you need. 

Number 1 Rehab 
Clinic in the Area

Since our launch we have strived to be the best in helping our clients to not only grow stronger but to surpass their goals and dreams. 


Keeping with our focus of being the best we have searched far and wide to recruit some of the best Therapist from all over the world. 


Here we bring you the latest information about our field, our experience, tips and strategy to help yourself and your little ones. 

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Our Vision 

To become the preferred, integrated rehabilitation centre in the world utilizing comprehensive professional resources to create a healthy and happy community where people enjoy, practice, share, learn and accomplish a deeper, stronger and more conscious sense of self.

Osraty clinic

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